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90 Min Burn - Only for 90 min classes

90 Min Burn
Just for the 90 minute burn. We hold one of these rides each month. Check the schedule for the next available Burn.
include Water $2.00

Standard Series

First Ride
For the first timers... with us I mean :-)

Your cleated shoes and water bottle are our welcome gift to you.

Can't wait to meet you!
Single Ride
Commitment phobic? No problems. Buy one ticket to ride and keep it casual.
5 Ride Pack
You came, you rode, you conquered. And now your ready to get serious(ly rad)

This 5 pack can be used anytime over a 3 month period or use it it all in one week!
10 Ride Pack
Want a long term relationship? We do too :)

This is the most economical ride pack and can be used anytime over a 6 month period, or as fast as your legs can spin.

Unlimited - To help you kick start your summer spin-cycle, we have for a fortnightly unlimited pack. Minimum 3 fortnight commitment.
Ride as many times as you like, in any class, any theme, any day.
You're welcome!

See Terms for more information about this pack

Unlimited Fortnight-ONLINE Only
Unlimited riding - Fortnightly payment option

Ride any class, any day, any theme online only!
You're welcome!!

Ride the 90min burn for just $22.50 more.
$135.00 /14 days

Gift Cards

Buy a custom upcycle gift card